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About Our Little Farm

Good Green Earth Farm is the creation of Rob and Meesa Burns.  It is our best attempt to offer Goodness to this world through helping children, friends, and families "Touch the Earth" through nature based activities.  

Rob and Meesa Burns met while working at Sunrock Farm in Wilder, KY in 2006. 

In August of 2019 we purchased a 21.5 acre family farm near Bethel, OH.  We are raising our four wonderful children (Rama, Oliver, Ria, and Agni) along with Chickens, Goats, Sheep and many other animals.

We have recently decided to continue the work of Frank Traina of Sunrock Farm.  Thanks to the owners of Sunrock's guidance and support we will continue to help the Greater Cincinnati Community "Touch the Earth" in the spirit of Sunrock Farm.

At the most simplistic level; people smile when they interact with our cute and cuddly animals; they spread happiness.  At a deeper level, these animals, ourselves, and the natural world around us are a delicate system all in a dance.  Experiencing this interconnected natural world and our part in it benefits both us and the ecosystem itself.  If we want people to take care of it; they must experience it and feel a connection to it.

When people connect to nature and animals; they connect to the best in themselves.

We hope to grow and grow our offerings with this view in mind.

We also want to give.  Bringing animals to Non-profits, schools who might not have access to such programs as ours, organizations who serve people with differing abilities, children struggling with complex illnesses, people going through the grief process, etc.

This is truly a labor of love for us!  We decided to start small and make our efforts sustainable based on community support through our offerings.


This is a family owned and operated business.  When you hire us, for your events or come visit the farm, you work with and get to meet our family.


This is an exciting journey for us and we are glad to be on this ride! 

With Gratitude,

Rob, Meesa, & Family

New Goat Field Aug 21.jpeg
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