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FAQ:  So how does this all work?

Scheduling our Mobile Petting Zoo (Farm)

1.  Call us at 513-512-2346 to discuss your needs and get a price for your event.


2.  Or; Submit a form through our website by clicking the "Plan Your Event" button or go to the Contact Us page.

3.  We charge based on the event type (Birthday Party vs. a Festival) and your distance from us.  Most areas in greater Cincinnati are within an hour of us.  If you are over 50 minutes away we will charge a small travel fee depending on the additional time to drive to you.

4.  What we need to know to schedule:

a. Your Name.

b. Full Address (party location).

c. Date of your party AND the Start and End time you want us there.

d. Any special requests for animals you have.

5. Our setup and take down time is not included in what you pay us for.


6. We require a 1 hr minimum.  Additional hours and half hours are at a reduced rate.


7.  We arrive 30 minutes beforehand to set up and take down is usually 15 minutes.


8.  We will call you the day before to go over setting up for the party.

9.  We do not require a deposit.  We keep things simple so we can keep our rates affordable.

10.  We have an easy and flexible cancellation policy.  We need to know 3 hrs before your start time if you must cancel.  If we show up; we bill for the first hour.

11. We will email you an invoice as confirmation of your scheduled event.

12. Payment is due on the day of the event via cash, Venmo, or check.  Personal checks require a valid driver's license.  We can take payment the day before the event via Venmo.


13.  Goats and Sheep are on leads, not in cages.  So you get to pet them directly.  Our animals are bottle fed and socialized by our family.  We often get asked how we get our animals to be so calm and friendly.  It is simple; we love and care for them.  We have relationships with them.  They know us and trust us.  When you see our animals and interact with them you will be able to tell the difference.  Our animals speak for themselves.

14.  We provide chicks to hold.  We teach the kids how to do this properly so it is completely safe for the chicks.  They are farm animals, so very hardy by nature; but we make sure they are handled properly to keep them safe.  Children under 4 usually are not allowed to hold the chicks...they get to do a 1 finger pet and feel their "tickly toes."  My wife and I do this based on our judgement of what will keep our animals safe and provide the child with a good experience.

15.  Shade for the animals is always nice during the summer.

If you do not have tree shade please provide a tent or let us know and we can provide. 

16.  We are a Family owned and operated business.  Meaning my wife and I (Messa and Rob Burns) will be at your event facilitating it.  We do not have hired staff.  We take great pride in what we do and want you to have the best experience.  We are truly a "Mom and Pop" business.  The animals know us and trust us.  We take care of them 24/7.  The quality of the experience you will have with them speaks for itself.  Everyone who experiences us and our way of operating absolutely loves it.  We keep it simple and stress the quality of the experience.  We only take on as many jobs as we can comfortably cover; so you can be sure that we will be there and be on time to your event!!

17.  We keep things simple to keep our costs affordable.  We pride ourselves on providing you with a great personalized experience for your event.  We are helpful and attentive to your guests needs and help the children interact with them in a positive way.  Our animals are friendly, clean, and well cared for.  They are not wild farm animals and in no way unsafe.

18.  If you are happy with us; tell a friend.  Post on social media and tag us.  Leave us a review on Facebook or Google.  We love to hear your feedback and we love for others to know what we have to offer!  We believe firmly in our way of doing things...and by the reception we are getting from the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton Areas we know we are doing something right!  We small, personal, friendly, provide a great customized experience, and have the cutest, cuddliest, sweetest animals in town. 

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